Top Spin 3 The Game

Different Tennis-Based Video Games Available Online

Top Spin 3 The Game

Sports-themed video games are now gaining popularity in the industry among sports enthusiasts, aficionados, and even regular gamers who are looking for an action-filled sports games at These include popular sports like basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, bowling, boxing, golf, and many others. Various game developers are producing these simple, themed games to excite and satisfy their new and regular players.

Moreover, tennis-based games are now gaining prominence because of their exceptional graphics and gameplays which set them apart from other sports games. Aside from the experience of competing against virtual tennis players, gamers are also treated with unique storylines from their game characters and avatars. They can also improve their tennis skills and abilities in some of the best tennis games available today.

Here are some of the best tennis video games which will surely excite and thrill tennis enthusiasts to virtually experience their favorite sports right in the comforts of their own homes.

Tennis 1984

Tennis 1984 was released by a renowned game developer in the industry, Nintendo. It was developed in 1984, which justifies the inclusion of its year of release on the game title. Tennis 1984 was initially produced to cater Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gamers in North America and Europe. Nintendo later released an updated version of the game to accommodate Game Boy users.

This game features the single player and two-player game modes which determine the tennis match the gamers will participate on. Single players will play for the singles match, while two players will participate in doubles matches. They can either play against each other or as a team.

Skills of virtual opponents can be set in one of the five difficulty levels wherein player should defeat them in matches refereed by Mario himself.

Mario Tennis

From being a referee, Mario now got his own spotlight in the tennis court with Mario Tennis. This tennis-themed game developed by Nintendo features our favourite smash brothers, Mario and Luigi, together with other prominent characters of the famous franchise such as Princess Daisy, Birdo, Donkey Kong, and Shy Guy. Players can also expect the brothers' evil doppelgangers and archenemies, Wario and Waluigi and bet on tennis games and win real money.

Mario Tennis boasts its unique control system which highlights seven shot types which can be controlled by certain buttons on the controller. Several game modes and levels can also be unlocked after completing game objectives and defeating enemies as the game progresses.

Since its success on the said platform, various sequels of Mario Tennis such as Mario Power Tennis, Mario Tennis Open, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Mario Tennis Aces were already released in different gaming consoles.

Grand Slam Tennis

Another popular game title considered as one of the best tennis games ever released in the market is Grand Slam Tennis. This game from EA Canada was primarily developed for Wii players in 2009 and is one of the most popular tennis games to stream online.

Grand Slam Tennis gameplay banners Wii's MotionPlus functionality which allows players to actually swing a pseudo-racket and smash the virtual tennis ball to score points. The game also boasts its various game modes such as instant play, a create-a-player feature, Grand Slam or career mode, and a Party mode which is consists of several Tennis mini-games.

Players can also compete with other Grand Slam Tennis players around the world in its multiplayer game mode which can earn them player points to land a spot in the worldwide tennis ranking.

Tennis World Tour

One of the latest tennis-themed game released in the market today is Tennis World Tour which was just made available in May 2018. This game was developed by Breakpoint Studio for various gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even in Microsoft Windows.

Since it was just recently released, gamers should expect that the Tennis World Tour is still on the launch process and several updates will be released soon.

Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4 is another tennis-themed video game creating its own name in the market with its 3D gameplay and graphics. This game was developed and released by SEGA in 2011 for its PC, PlayStation, and Xbox gamers.

Aside from the 3D technology, Virtua Tennis 4 also boasts its updated tennis roster which features some of the known tennis icons then, until today. However, this was the last instalment of the Virtua Tennis ever released on the market.

Top Spin 4

On the other hand, Top Spin 4 was the direct competitor of Virtua Spin 4 among its tennis video gamers back then. Compared with its SEGA counterpart, Top Spin didn't make such impact in the gaming industry and was then cancelled in 2011 by its developers.

Top Spin gave its players a unique tennis experience wherein they get to plan their next shot even before the ball reaches them. This feature allows them to set where they would want the tennis ball to land at the other end of the court.

Other fun tennis games to experience are the exciting virtual reality (VR) and motion-activated versions of this famous game. HTC Vive recently released a VR tennis game called Selfie Tennis wherein players get to smash tennis balls with a virtual racket in their own hand. However, instead of competing with another virtual player, they get to play on their own. After hitting the ball, players are then transported into the other end of the court where they need to return the ball to themselves. This engages their whole body to play tennis and get physical in a virtual way.