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A Few Words On How To Hit Topspin - It All Starts With The Feet!

One of the key aspects of how to hit topspin forehand when playing Tennis is working on a conscious process of development. At, we understand that one has to work on their game by getting good at one thing at a time first, then bringing all the pieces together to create perfect synchronization.

It won't come overnight for sure, but armed with the knowledge of exactly what to look for when watching the top pros play, one is far more likely to be in tune with whatever phase of their game one's focusing on developing, and what's necessary to "model" for perfect execution.

The knowledge of how to hit topspin forehand is quite important these days. It's widely used by the tennis professionals and has become a staple of the modern day game as it's now arguably the games primary shot.

At the senior professional level it is used to dominate points emanating from the baseline and is one of the major reasons as to why Tennis is more and more being regarded as a power game.

Virtually all the Tennis pros out there on centre court use a topspin forehand when controlling shots from the baseline. A good example of this would be Roger Federer.

His incredible topspin forehand was responsible in him winning his very first French open title. Combining this with his own forehand approach shot, has led him to many successful titles. It also makes it easier to bet on tennis matches when a player is superb at delivering quick topspin shots.

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are also way up there when it comes to using the topspin, but it's not just about their forward swing, backswing and their contact along with their follow through, no it's also about their footwork.

After the initial split step with feet facing towards the net, feet should be comfortably spread and whilst holding the racket, kept moving with heels off the ground ready for movement once the ball's returned, keeping eyes firmly focused on the ball.

The player increases the height of their split step and synchronizes their motion in co-ordination with their shoulder turn, in preparation for returning the ball. It all starts with the feet, so practice this by bouncing on the toes if wanting to know how to hit topspin, that literally is, the first step.