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Do you know which is your top choice on how to bet on tennis?

How to Make Tennis Bets

Head-to-head - This is the most common way on how to bet on tennis . Players place their bet depending on who has the bigger chance of winning the match.

Multi betting - In multi betting, multiple solo bets are combined to make a bigger single bet. In this kind of betting, the more money you place in the pot, the higher your chance of winning. Although it is a very risky way on how to bet on tennis, the big payouts can be very appealing.

Future betting - Future betting is all about making bets on tournaments that will take place at a later period. For example, if a player has been doing very well in previous events, you can bet on her in an upcoming match. Usually, a higher payout is given if you place your bets early.

Live betting - As the name implies, this is betting done by watching real-time how a tournament unfolds. Though not always available online, it can be done through phone.

Betting based on set scores - Another exciting way on how to bet on tennis is by wagering on what would be the final set score, which can either be in a single set or all of them.

Exotics - In this type of betting, you can bet in unconventional categories like what will be the total sets in a match or will a player reach the finals.

The Top Tennis Tournaments

The Australian Open - The Australian Open happens in January, opening the season of Tennis Grand Slams. Held in Melbourne Park, it is the biggest tennis event in Australia and is one of the most leading tournaments in the world. The current singles champions are Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka.

The French Open - This is the lone tennis tournament that is played on a clay court therefore making it one of the most exhausting tournament worldwide. Rafael Nadal has won the latest 4 titles consecutively. The French open is the most popular sports betting event in online casinos in Canada, due to the fact that they are frequented by francophone bettors. Check out this site to learn more about the Canadian online casino industry.

Wimbledon - Also known as the championships, this is considered to be the most esteemed event in the tennis world. Held in Southwest London, it is the only Grand Slam Major played on a grass court. British player Andy Murray is the 2013 champion.

US Open - The US Open is held in New York between late August and early September. This tournament closes the tennis season. The current champions are Andy Murray and American Serena Williams.