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Different Wagering Platforms for Online Tennis Stakes

Top Spin 3 The Game

Tennis is considered as one of the most played and most followed sports in the industry today. Aside from basketball, baseball, soccer, and football, this racket and ball game has gained popularity among its numerous players and wide audience worldwide. There are even huge sporting events and tournaments hosted in different countries which have produced famous tennis players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and many others.

Along with its prominence in the world of sports, tennis has also caught the attention of wagering players who bet on tennis online, which is why has established a place where visitors can enjoy information on tennis games and tennis sportsbooks. They don't just enjoy the thrill of the game, but they also have the chance on winning several payout values right in the comforts of their own homes.

But before they start placing their bet on tennis online, players should familiarize themselves first with the basics of the game and strategies on how to win a tennis match.

Tennis for Beginners

This popular ball and racket sport is played on a rectangular tennis court which is divided by a high net in the middle. Tennis games can be played with either the singles or the doubles formats. Singles tennis highlights the prowess of individual players who battle it out with each other to win the match; whereas, doubles tennis format features a complete team effort from two players to outwit their competitors.

To score a point, players need to force their opponents to hit the ball against the net and not beyond their playing area, or outside the court lines. They need to accumulate four points and two more points ahead of their opponents to win a game. Players need to complete three or five sets to win a match - with sets consisting of six games.

Tennis players take turns on serving the ball to start each game.

Online Tennis Wagering Guide

Players who are fond of placing wagers on several tennis games online can now start their stakes once they're familiar with its gameplay and mechanics. Here's a detailed guide on how to bet on tennis games effectively:

1. Know the right place to wager.

There are numerous tennis wagering sites today which are readily available to assist their players online. Just like any other sportsbook sites, they have varying odds which truly entice their customers. Some of the best and recommended online sites to wager on because of their rewarding odd percentages are Betfair, Ladbrokes, and Pinnacle Sports. These online sportsbooks provide its players with reasonable tennis odds for better payout results.

They can also consider placing a wager at reputable online sites like Bet365 Sports, Bovada Sportsbooks, 5Dimes, Unibet, Titanbet, and BetVictor. There are other sportsbook sites available online, but it is essential for players to check on their offered odds and features to know if it's worth their wagers.

2. Depend on their strengths and weaknesses

Just like any other sports, it is also important for online gamesters to know the strengths and weaknesses of their favored tennis players. Some players look into the stance and play style of their favorite tennis players. These include tennis players who are baseline players, big-servers, defensive players, and all-rounders or those who are playing near the net.

Experienced online gamers also consider the actual playing court as it somehow affects the player's gameplay. Personal win-loss records of tennis players are also essential on determining who to wager on in every tennis match.

3. Wager on huge tennis tournaments and events

It is also important that online gamers place their wagers on prominent tennis tournaments and events worldwide. These include the annual "Grand Slam" events like the French Open, Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. Tennis players can then participate in events hosted by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women's Tennis Association (WTP).

There are other momentous tennis events like the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Challenge Cup, and the notable Olympics. All these events host both male and female tennis players.

4. Practice on different wagering markets

It is now time for them to familiarize with the different wagering markets in online tennis gaming. There are various staking options which highlight free tennis picks for players. These include the most used market of Money Line wagering.

Money Line is the usual scheme used in football and basketball wagering wherein gamers just need to choose the player who will win the entire tennis match. It is a simple win or lose system which will either reward them or lose them some wagers.

Meanwhile, player may also opt to use the Handicap wagering system wherein the bookmaker assigns a handicap figure which identifies the positive and negative advantages of tennis players. Online wagers should be placed depending on their preferred handicap advantages of their favored players.

They can also make use of the over or under wagering scheme, or the Total Games system, in placing their stakes. Gamers should determine whether the number of games of the whole match will go over or under the initially set figure of the bookmaker.

Lastly, Outright wagering market is somehow similar with Money Line wherein the bookmaker instantly offer odds to each player favored to win the tournament. It is again a win or lose market scheme.