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Is match fixing in tennis an apparent problem?

Match fixing has been continuously extending its influence to various sports there is today and he same goes for tennis games . There are scandals sprouting in different sports like football which is somewhat experiencing a daily dose of disclosures regarding match fixing or fixing of some aspects of a certain match. Though the mainstream and conventional media of today is having a trouble in delegating and reporting the said topic, also due to their complete absence of understanding and knowledge about different waging industry and markets especially in sports, it is definitely evident that the bane of this problem spread across through different sports, is something that needs attention.

Match fixing in tennis has not yet experienced a major and paramount scandal on the said topic, but many events have come close to it especially a match between Martin Vassallo Arguello and Nikolay Davydenko in 2008 during the Polish Open which was documented. This event has evidently brought to light the issue of match fixing in the eyes of many fans though there were no charges pushed to them.

There were also top tennis stars , although few, who have been banned for life for match fixing in tennis. In 2011, Serbian David Savic with 363 best ranking and 55 best ranking Daniel Koellerer was sentenced for the mentioned charge. Also, in early 2013, Sergei Krotiouk was also sentenced for life ban in tennis due to match fixing also.

These three were the only players who were banned due to match fixing. Others were banned for waging on various matches which were not their own.

These facts support that tennis is really not experiencing the influence of match fixing that much, which is definitely not spot on. It may be that fixing doesn't happen at all in top games which are focused on the media, but may be happening in lower levels of games.

In the past, several revelations were made by tennis players, revealing that they were offered thousands of dollars to lose in first round matches like Novak Djokovic and Gilles Elseneer. The former was proffered with $110k while the latter was proffered with $140k.

Since these lower levels of matches are often missed or not focused on, it is the perfect environment for match fixing. This fixing will surely increase and will definitely be more undetectable as time passes by, because of the extending and continuously expanding variety of waging options which are available for these games.